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Alex Ninovic wants to follow in the footsteps of 7-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton. Just like Lewis, Alex has the ability, passion and winning results in karting to now take on the world’s best drivers.

To achieve this dream requires corporate support and sponsorship. As a brand ambassador, having Alex Ninovic on your team will show your competitors/customers/staff your committed to supporting the youth of Australia by rewarding achievement.

You can use Alex in your promotions, marketing, advertising, media, forward planning strategies.

Your investment in the ‘Power Ahead’ racing program will turn a dream into a full time career for Alex Ninovic.
To explore this opportunity, discuss how your support and involvement can be managed, we welcome your interest.

What's in it for your Business?

Your Brand is associated with a Feel-good positive narrative, supporting a young Australian racing champion fast on his way to becoming the next Mark Webber, Daniel Ricciardo or Oscar Piastri. 
Imagine having your brand shown to a worldwide audience, and being seen as the Business that supported an Australian young man in the early days!!

Be part of a life-saving community safety message alongside Alex's Ambassadorship with well know celebrity Ian Luff's - Speed off the Roads campaign, this campaign has been around since 1994 and is well recognised by both Government agencies as well as the community.

Brand recognition and recall - it's no secret that the more times customers see your logo/brand name the higher the mental recall will be for your brand. 


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PCR Australia is known for their high-quality and cutting-edge Karts. With locations around the world and a dedicated race department, they represent the pinnacle of Karting innovation.

YES, Imagine your BRAND shining not only here, but across our social media channels, and most importantly on the Car/Kart that Alex battles and wins in thrilling displays of close racing.

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“Hamilton Blackstone Lawyers” is proud to support Alex Ninovic.
Hamilton Blackstone Lawyers is a boutique legal and consulting firm, specializing in financial services law and compliance, and dispute resolution.

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“Kart Wraps” is proud to support Alex Ninovic. 
Based in Sydney, Kart Wraps can create the perfect graphics, wraps & sticker kits for your kart, mx bikes, vans and tradie utes, as well as business and store facades. 

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“Camber Collective” is proud to support Alex Ninovic
Camber Collective is an experienced group of creatives shaping passionate and captivating content. With backgrounds ranging from music to content-based storytelling, we bring a unique perspective to our collaborative way of filmmaking.

Ka1ZeN Consulting ties all your Digital needs together seamlessly.
We cover a lot of ground, so you don't have to,
Websites, E-Commerce, Photography, Marketing, Advertising, Targeted Social Media Advertising, through to enterprise services like - 

Digital Strategy Development, Business & IT alignment workshops, IoT systems (sensors & automation), Program Management, Vendor selection consulting, and much more IT-based consulting.

AN Racing has been building Australia's most winning race engines across a staggering variety of Motorsports, but his specialty sits in Karting where his engines have helped skilled drivers win multiple State and National Championships. 
From leasing to rebuilds, to track support, choose to win, choose AN Racing.  
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