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Coming off the back of a highly successful 3 week Kart Racing Experience in Europe, 14 year old Alex Ninovic from Sydney, Australia, contested both the ROK Cup Superfinal, as well as the Kart manufacturers 49th Industry Trophy Event. Hosted at the South Garda Circuit in the northern Italian town of Lonarto, young Ninovic showed the worlds best drivers how Kart racing in Australia breeds talented drivers!
Flying the PCR factory banner for leading Italian brand PCR, Alex Ninovic gave his factory team/supporters lots to cheer about.
To reinforce his amazing skills behind the wheel, today – Alex Ninovic won the SP Tools Australian KA4 Kart Championship at Murray Bridge in South Australia.
“To be an Australian champion at 14 years of age is something I’m very proud of. This journey started when I was only 8, it would have not been possible without the support of my family and a very passionate network of friends”. Said Alex Ninovic.


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